NFL Draft Super Study

NFLDraftOf the twists and turns in an NFL offseason, no single weekend provides more hope and more speculation than that of the NFL Draft’s weekend. So much work and effort goes into this weekend, from the players amateur careers to the scout team trips to the war room activities to the “expert” mock drafts and analysis. All of this is done in hopes of building a championship team in the future.

In that spirit, there are many different approaches taken to drafting a winner. Some say there are particular ways to win through the draft, especially for teams who just went through a poor season (or a string of poor seasons). Others say there is no proven way to handle the draft, but agree that bad teams must draft well to become good. We here at TABMathletics would like to provide some insight on at least one dynamic. This may help to answer questions about how teams should handle key draft picks.

Over the next half month, we will look at the top 10 picks from recent NFL drafts over the past two decades. Our hope is too find WHICH POSITIONS teams are best fit to address with the first 10 picks. The one position we will exclude in this study involves a quite obvious choice: the quarterback. After all, we already discussed this dynamic last year and provided an in-depth look at all first-round quarterbacks drafted since the turn of the century. That much should paint part of the picture. This study will hopefully provide the rest.

Below we have a link to an in-depth study for each highlighted position. This study was originally competed in early-to-mid May 2015.

Part 1: Offensive Linemen
Part 2: Defensive Lineman (Interior)
Part 3: Edge Rushers
Part 4: Secondary
Part 5: Linebackers
Part 6: Receivers
Part 7: Running Backs
Part 8: Final Summary