NFL Franchise Rankings

National Football LeagueMost of this website was, is and will continue to be dedicated to looking beyond simple rankings and lists, as we look to delve into the deepest and truest forms of analysis. However, with the history and aura of the National Football League sweeping its way through the sports scene with the completion of Super Bowl XLVIII, we’re going to add a taste of TABMathletics to the evaluation of the league as a whole. There’s simply too temptation at this time. Therefore, we will spend this week revealing a list that ranks each NFL franchise. Of course, in the spirit of TABMathletics, the rankings will relate in no way to any subjective opinions. Instead, this list will try to objectively quantify the success of each franchise. We will use multiple factors, and assign point values to each factor, to determine where each of the 32 current NFL franchise place on this all-time list.

This points system is designed to reward champions and consistent winners, as well as punish franchises with significant stretches of losing. Teams that win championships are better rewarded when winning with more competition, something which ends up putting more value into the FL’s modern era without completely dismissing the pre-Super Bowl days. This should eliminate one cause for concern.

Meanwhile, we allocated enough points for winning and losing seasons so the younger franchises won’t be at a serious disadvantage. These younger franchises might not be able to catch up to the historically great franchises, but it will at least surpass the long-time franchises with a history of middling success. We made it as fair as we possibly could without skewing the points system.

Therefore, over a five-day span, we’ll reveal our points system and the countdown from the 32nd-ranked franchise to the first-ranked franchise. This countdown will be initially revealed in Febaruary 2014 and updated after completion of the Super Bowl every year. That’s why this page will be bookmarked on our front page. Also, any suggestions for improvement to the points system is welcome!

Check out the points system and the respective octet of franchises with the below links.
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