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Apr 03

Final Four 2016: Clash of Historic Greats

Adam Dobrowolski breaks down the statistical dominance of the North Carolina and Villanova men’s basketball teams in this year’s tournament, as it leads up to a major showdown in the National Championship Game.

Jun 24

LeBron v. Jordan: A Series-by-Series Breakdown, BONUS

Adam Dobrowolski provides some bonus coverage to his two-part study that examined the LeBron James v. Michael Jordan debate at the postseason level.

Jun 23

LeBron v. Jordan: A Series-by-Series Breakdown, Part 2

With another appearance in the Finals in the books for LeBron James, the LeBron v. MJ “debate” rages further for many basketball fans. This study examines from a series-by-series perspective how Michael Jordan stands clearly on top when it comes to postseason success.

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